Friday, 17 February 2017

Glossy Box: February

As I was scrolling through my posts the other day, I actually realised I hadn't updated you all on what I got in my Glossy Box this month! I honestly thought I'd uploaded it already but I've only took the picture! I have actually used pretty much everything so it will be a lot better as I can give you my honest opinions! If you're not sure what Glossy Box is, it's a box that I have subscribed to, paying £13.25 a month (including p+p). I then get a box delivered to my door each month containing different beauty products, giving me the opportunity to try out new things and see what I think of them. Want to know what's in the box? Keep reading!

Jeanne Arthes: L'Eau de Rose - I was so excited to see that Glossy Box had included a fragrance in their box as I'm always on the look out for new scents, as I can never just pick one. I would much rather spend my money on makeup than fragrance so I tend to get my faves for Christmas and because I get about 3/4 they last me the whole year (its great!). I love most of the cheaper ones such as Britney Spears and Katy Perry for literally like £20, and I do have a few favourites like Daisy by Marc Jacobs which I love to use in the summer, but this is such a fresh scent. I'm used to most of the fruity style scents so this was a nice change. It's a 30ml bottle, and to be fair I've used this pretty much every day since I've got it as I love it so much (I've actually used about a quarter) so I could run out of this very quickly so I may have to repurchase it! The 30ml retails at £20 and is available on Ebay (or the companies Facebook page)

LA Theorie Des Volcans: Face Scrub - This product has a big long name to it which I've cut down, but its basically a face scrub. It has a lovely scent to it and turns grey when it dries (it can also be used as a mask). I've used it twice and I'm happy with the results, but I've broken out really bad the past few days, so will maybe have to stop using it as it could be the cause. I really hope it isn't though, because it smells lovely and does a good job of removing dead skin cells and making my face super clean. It retails for £26, which is a bit on the pricey side and is available here.

Garnier Ultimate Blends: Treasures Strength Restorer Balm - I've used Ultimate Blends before (I like to change up when it comes to shampoo) and I did find it rather drying, but I don't think that will stop me from using this. I never really bother much with my hair, but still want to give it a try and hopefully I'll start to make more of an effort. I love just relaxing in the bath with my lush products, a good facemask and a good hair mask. I love using the ones which contain the Moroccan oil as it smells divine, but I'm still excited to give this a try. This is only a sample so for one use, but it retails for £4.49 for the tub (which isn't too bad) and is available at Boots.

Ciate London: Paint pot in Iced Frappe - I was so excited to see this in the box as I literally purchased a top with my New Look gift card a few weeks ago which is literally the same colour. I painted my nails this colour after taking off my press on nails (see the review here) and I've been loving it ever since. I haven't had any problems so far apart from my nails need some TLC (as always) but I've been loving the colour and how well it's stayed on, as I've never tried anything from Ciate before. I will definitely be looking at more colours and the packaging is just so cute, right? This retails for £9 (which I think is sooo expensive for nail varnish but it's a good one) and can be purchased here. After looking on the website to post the link I didn't realise they did makeup so I'm definitely looking to try that out as the packaging is INSANE and looks so high end!

Mememe: Beat the blues - Last but not least, we have this perfect skin illuminator in Oyster Gold. Its a gorgeous colour that is very subtle on the skin and offers an all over complexion boost. I am yet to try it mixed in with my base but will definitely be trying that out soon. It gives a lovely reflection and sits comfortably on the skin, so is definitely something that I will carry on using! It retails at £7.25 and can be purchased here. It took me a while to realise it was 'me me me' I kept pronouncing it as 'me meme' *slaps face*, is this even right? Anyway, I love it! I will be checking out more of their products with how affordable they are! 

What products do you like the look of? Will you be looking to purchase some?
Be sure to check out to get yours!

Thanks for reading,

Georgia x

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Perfect Valentines Day*

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately, I just find myself catching up on sleep, being around my family and spending time with them when I'm at home, so I do put my blogging aside for a little while as I don't have much of a schedule! But as this post is going up, it will be Valentines Day! I hope you have a wonderful day with either your partners or friends! I'm not sure if I'm doing anything other than having a night in with my boyfriend, but we'll see a little closer to the time!

A few weeks ago I received an email to try some nails that were being released especially for valentines day, so of course, I decided to try them out for you! They are from a brand called 'Kiss' and I received two sets, one in a lovely nude style and normal french manicure. Whenever I actually think of Valentines Day, I think of France and romance so these were really good to try, as one of them is a french manicure! (I definitely feel like I'm repeating myself too much here). I decided to put this post up on Valentines Day as it's the perfect thing to wear on a date, going out with your friends or just to have a bit of a pamper and make yourself feel better! I am so low maintenance with my nails, I usually either pay to have them done which I can no longer afford or there either painted but always seem to chip easily, so therefore these were the perfect solution!

As you can see, there is just the most perfect french manicure in medium length, which I think is perfect as there not too long but not too short at the same time. They're not too square either, which is something that I always tend to look for with false nails with how clumsy I am.

I decided to try the acrylic nude ones as I love going to get my nails done and they remind me of something that I have done, and they are just very simple and elegant. They were so easy to use, flexible to fit your nail shape (yes, people do have different size nails) and didn't chip for anything! The glue was perfect and not too drying when you first apply (I hate getting the glue all over my fingers) but I didn't have any problems with these. They dried and stayed on for so long too! I always find after a little while other nails tend to ping off, but not with these. The glue is so good and long lasting I also had people asking me if I had my nails done! I will definitely be wanting more of these to try! They retail for around £7.95 and have different lengths so there is plenty to choose from! Have a peek at to see some more styles!

These are the perfect match for Valentines and means as they have stayed on I can't wait to have them on later for whatever I'm doing! You HAVE to try these out due to every other false nail company I've tried, these are the best and I will be stocking my stash up soon!

Have you every tried press on nails? What were your thoughts?

Have fun celebrating!

See you soon

Georgia x

* - This was a sample sent to me, all opinions are my own and I was not paid to publish this post.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Face Mask Faves

One thing I have really grown to enjoy is a face mask. I always find myself picking up new ones to try, no matter what the price. I love the feel of them actually doing something on my face and the feeling I get afterwards, which is refreshed. Here I have picked my faves and I'm really looking forward to sharing them with you!

Garnier: PureActive 3 in 1 - I love this product, as it can me a wash, a scrub or a mask. I love using this as a mask more than anything, with the way it sits on the skin. It dries really nicely, and tightens the skin as its working. Its white, which I'll admit makes me look a bit crazy, but I love to use it from time to time. After washing it off my face still feels tight (in a good way) and feels very smooth. It retails for £3.49 and is available here (although I'm pretty sure its available in your local supermarket.

Byron Bay: Exfoliant and Mask - I wrote a post about this not long ago (you can read it here). I've still continued to use this, but not too often due to it being an exfoliant. I want to remove all the dead skin cells but without using it too often and removing the goodness too! I still love it as much as when I first used it, as my skin feels so smooth after, and it can be left on for 20 mins, so being in the bath its perfect when you just want to relax! It costs £23.39, which is on the expensive side but totally worth it! You can buy it here.

Elizavecca Milky Piggy: Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask - Again, I wrote a post on this a few weeks ago! (read it here) and I was really impressed with it. When I first purchased it, I was sure it was going to be a gimmic type of product, so I was a little bit unsure. Well I was totally wrong. I love the foaming effect and how it brightens my skin! I'll admit it is a nightmare to get off but I love the concept and would definitely repurchase it! Theres also quite a lot of product so I feel as though it will last ages. I paid £10 from TK Maxx but I think it is a little more expensive from Amazon.

L'Oreal: Pure Clay Detox Mask - Okay, so I'm aware that literally everyone has been raving about this, but I can definitely see why. I love charcoal masks, and everything about them just makes me excited to use them. I know there are 3 in this collection which all do different things. I went with the detox one as 1. it was charcoal and 2. don't you just love the feeling of coming home, getting in the bath and just relaxing and doing literally nothing? Me too! It doesn't tend to dry but I can always feel my face tightening and it feels really smooth afterwards, so I can go to bed feeling fresh. They retail for £5.99 (usually £7.99 - it's currently on offer) and you can buy it here from Boots.

What masks do you love to use? Do you have any recommendations?


Georgia x

Friday, 3 February 2017

Boots Facial Scrub

Hey everyone, today I wanted to share with you a little something that I have been loving over the past few weeks. One of my housemates was telling me how great her new face scrub was, so I decided to pick one up when I was out shopping. It's the Boots Tea Tree and Which Hazel (with an extract of berry) Jelly facial scrub (phew!) and is only available in Boots as it's one of their own brand products. The one thing that I never really tend to do is exfoliate (which I know is awful), so this has really helped me to get better at forming a routine regarding my skin.

Okay, so the first thing that really drew me in was the scent. As you probably know, Tea Tree has a really strong scent, which on one hand is lovely but on the other can be a little strong. It's also amazing for spots and cleansing too, which is why it is used in most cleansers. This has such an amazing scent of berry it makes you feel so refreshed every time you put it on your face. It says to use once a week (I think I use it twice as it just smells so good) and it's just basically a thing to do in the shower where you wet your face, apply this all over your skin and washing off (I tend to take it off with a flannel). It has lots of little beads inside to really help with the exfoliating, and you can actually feel it doing something, which is what I always look for when adding to my skincare. I've wasted so much money on things that haven't done anything to my skin, so I am now actually really picky. After taking this off, my face feels smooth, refreshed and hydrated. I then apply my normal moisturiser over the top, and my skin feels amazing. I will definitely repurchase this as I love the scent and the payoff, it's so affordable too! 

It contains 150ml, which is quite a lot and I can see it lasting such a long time as you only need a little bit to do your entire face, and it retails at Boots for £4.35, I know you can get cheaper than this with other brands, but I think its definitely worth every penny! You can have a look to purchase it here, or pop into your local boots and have a look in the skincare isles (even if you don't buy it, just go and smell it!)

I know this post is very short and sweet, but I just wanted to let you know about something I've been loving over the past few weeks and something I feel has made a difference to my skin. 

See you in my next post!

Georgia x

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

January Favourites

Even though I didn't do a December favourites, I am still really looking forward to sharing with you what I have been using non stop this month. At the start of January I was rather down, I wasn't doing too well at uni, I was feeling down about my weight, and just in a general bubble and couldn't get back into a routine again. I wasn't blogging as much as I'd love to, which is definitely something that I want to change, so therefore at the end of each month, like I have done for the past few months, I'll let you know what I've been using non-stop. Obviously I got quite a few bits for Christmas but I still find myself sticking to the basics daily, as I'm always having to transport everything to and from uni (sigh), but I can't wait to carry on playing about with my new makeup at home.

I know half of this makeup looks well used (yes, I am getting round to replacing the sponge and I do wash it often) and the palette is very well used but I hope you find some of these products interesting!

Benefit Cosmetics: Cheeky Sweet Spot - I think this product is actually limited edition, but Benefit bring out things that are similar all the time. I'll admit, I've owned this for such a long time, but still find myself reaching for it constantly. As you can see it's well loved, and theres pretty much everything in there that a girl could want. It contains the famous Hoola Bronzer (I still have another 3 of these in my drawer which I haven't touched as I'm still using this one, I get them in the mini sets) as well as 5 blushers (including Bella Bamba which isn't actually available anymore). It's lasted me for ages and my favourite definitely has to be dandelion as you can see. It has all the favourites such as sugarbomb, coralista, rockateur, so it's definitely something you can switch up on everyday, which is why it has a comfortable place in my faves this month. 

Real Techniques: Miracle Complexion Sponge - Okay, so pretty much all the makeup utensils I own are actually from Real Techniques (and a few morphe) but I find myself using this every day for my foundation. Mainly for quickness, a buildable coverage and no brush streaks (I find myself covered in them if I'm in a rush). This is amazing to be used damp with just water (it is a more sheer coverage but a lot better than being used dry). There also so affordable for £5.99 (you can also get them in packs of 2) and they last quite a while (have a peek here - they are on special offer right now) and I literally have another 4 at home to use as people knew how much I love them so I got them for Christmas! I've never tried the beauty blender so I can't compare it, but at the moment I don't feel any need to have one, as this does the job perfectly!

Rimmel London: Match Perfection Foundation - A few weeks ago I posted on my twitter account which foundation I should get, and most people went for the Rimmel ones. I decided to go with the Match Perfection as it's a moisture foundation, which sounded perect for my dry skin. I wouldn't say it has coverage anywhere near what my Double Wear does, but its definitely buildable. It lasts all day, matches my skin tone really well and is just a lovely general every day foundation. I got the lightest shade which is 010 Light Porcelain, and it also has an SPF of 20, so it's perfect for the summer months. Next time your in Boots/Superdrug, take a peek! (you can also look online here) and for only £7.99, can you really go wrong?

Lipcote - I received this in one of my Glossy Box's (you can read about the box here) and I used it literally all through the Christmas period, and just haven't stopped using it since. It keeps my lipstick on all through the night with no fading, no streaks and it just stays perfect all the time. It does tingle slightly when going onto the lips, but to be honest I feel like it's a small price to pay for your lipstick not budging all day! (have a look online here where it's just £3.69)

Colourpop: Lippie Stix - This has been my new favourite thing since Christmas. I got this in my Colourpop Order which I my dad kindly bought me (you can see my haul here) and I have used this quite a few times already. It's perfect to use with the lipcote (see above) and is just the perfect colour for both every day and night time wear. They are so cheap at $5 I can't wait to try more! Although there were customs charges etc I was still pretty happy with the product and how creamy and long lasting it was. The colour is so pretty too, so again this product sits firmly in my faves. 

I know some people may find these favourite posts each month pretty boring and unoriginal, but I love thinking and picking out the products that I have enjoyed using for the past month and sharing with you guys! Please let me know if you want to see more or if I should scrap them!

What were your beauty faves this month?