Monday, 30 January 2017

Glossy Box: January

I can't believe I've hit 6.000 views! I haven't been as focused on my blog as much as I'd like to be, but I'm so happy that people still continue to read my posts and that I know me sitting writing posts for hours is worth it! Thank you all so much!!

I know this post is long overdue, and its almost the end of January, but I thought I would share with you the products I received in my Glossy Box this month. I can't actually believe I have been subscribed to their service for 6 months now! I'm still loving all the products I get. I love using the new skincare I get and quite frequently reach for the makeup too, and I always find the brushes really handy. Everything is so varied each month so it's not as if you get all makeup or all skincare, they do a mixture of it all. If your not already, please go and subscribe because for around £14 a month you can get over £30/40 worth of goodies, which is a no brainer!? This months box is based on "good enough to eat" so has some lovely products to offer.

Nip and Fab: Kale Fix Moisturiser - I know so many people who swear by this skin care brand, so I was super excited to see a large sample size in the box. I'm always up for trying new skin care and think this will be really hydrating and keep my skin smooth. The full bottle costs £19.95, which is a little pricey, but I always see it as a good investment if it works. It contains aloe vera so is also great for soothing the skin. I really look forward to trying it! (purchase it here, it's actually on special offer right now - I'm not sure how long for though so be quick!)

The Balm: Matte Eyeshadow - I was really presently surprised by this. Its the cutest little matte shadow all on its own, but look perfect for the crease. It's a gorgeous dark red with a brown undertone and looks really good for travelling, as its the perfect compact. Its part of a palette which is £39 so I guess to own the shade you'll have to buy the palette, which a bit crap. But on the other hand, its pretty cool Glossy Box give us these exclusive products as its so unique. I'm just glad I'm in love with the shade! (Purchase the palette here)

Spa to you: Natural Konjac Sponge - In my first ever glossy box I received the exfoliator, which I loved, and now they have added a Konjac sponge into the mix. I received a similar sponge from the Konjac Company a few months ago (check out that post here, which has made me fall in love with using them! To be honest, I won't be opening this one until my other one is too worn for use, so I will keeping this until I am ready to use it! (No doubt I'll do a review on it!) Have you tried the Konjac sponge yet? Let me know in the comments! (Purchase the sponge here)

Vitamasoues Manuka Honey Mask - I really like the look of this, as I can imagine it smelling just like honey! (well obviously!) so I really cant wait to use it. Being perfectly honest I love liquid masks rather than sheet ones, but I guess it's just down to personal preference? I think my face feels just as nice whichever type I use, so I really can't wait to try this out! (purchase here)

Unani Illuminate Milk Cleanser - This is most likely something I won't be able to use *sad face* as my body is so fussy when it comes to bath stuff. I can literally only use Sanex (Not that I'm complaining as I love the smell but it would be nice to try something different sometimes) and I can just about get away with using Lush bath bombs (I can't use bubble bars or shower jellies or anything like that), so I might have to give it a miss as I don't want to risk anything. I'll definitely give it away and see what they think of it though! (Purchase it here)

I am so impressed with this months box once again, I never go wrong with any of the products (even though I can't use one of them!) The total for this months box is £79.93 (what!!??) so I'm so chuffed again!

Sorry it's taken me soooo long to write this post, I have been crazy busy with everything and just getting back into a routine. I hope you've enjoyed seeing what I received and I hope I can get February's post out a little quicker (I hope it's something to do with Valentines?!)

Thanks for reading lovelies!

Georgia x

Monday, 23 January 2017

Elizavecca Milky Piggy: Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

Apologies again for not posting as much as I should be, but I only tend to write when I feel relaxed or need to get away from everything. I know people tend to write like 10 posts and schedule them but there is no way I can just sit for hours on end, even though it is something that I love to do. A few weeks ago, I was shopping with Sophie (aka Planet Whispers, who else!?) and we went to T K Maxx. As you all probably know Sophie loves TK Maxx and I always spend a lot more money than I should. She went in looking for the clay mask that literally foams on your face and she managed to spot one. I was gutted as I thought it was the last one and had seen so many people raving about it on YouTube, so I wanted to try it for myself. After scanning for ages (trust me, I'm almost blind), Sophie managed to find another 5/6 on the bottom shelf. I have used it twice already so therefore feel I can review it properly as the results were the same both times.

The mask retails at £9.99, which to be honest I do consider to be a little on the pricey side. I can't see how much product you get as everything is in Chinese, but it does look like you can get a decent amount of masks from it. When I saw the mask and heard about it, I did think urgh not another one of those gimiky things that don't work, but I was actually so surprised. Inside its covered to stop it reacting and being wasted which is always handy, and it also comes with a little spatula. If your anything like me, I hate putting on a mask with my hands, as I have to wash and dry them and I often use my phone in the bath and it just makes matters worse. The spatula fits easily inside and helps to glide on the mask effortlessly before I climb into the bath. The consistency pretty much reminds me of the marshmellow fluff, only a little thicker. It's got an okay scent, it's not disgusting but it's not amazing either. After sitting in the bath for around 30 seconds, my whole face was tingling. It wasn't anything horrible, it's actually quite satisfying in a way. As the mask expanded, I could really feel it tightening my face. It literally foams up like 2cm away from your face, which is insane. After sitting and relaxing (as well as taking snapchats of my foamed up face) for about 10/15 minutes I then wiped off the foam with my hands and massaged the mask into my skin. Underneath, it felt very creamy, but did struggle to come off my hands, but I didn't mind. Then leaving it for a further 5 minutes, I then washed it off and patted my face dry with a towel. I'll admit, it is hard to wash off, but when you do, it's sooo worth it. The first time I used it I wasn't hoping for anything spectacular, but I was so surprised at how tight, clean and soft my skin felt. I thought I'd be wasting my money just to see my face foam, but I was really impressed. I admit it actually works better than some of the other masks I own! I have used it again since and got the same result so I'm really happy and will definitely be repurchasing (As long as they keep it in TK Maxx!). I think the whole concept is brilliant and nothing like I've ever used before. 

Interested? Pop into TK Maxx or buy it from Amazon here for £10.35. Overall, I'm so glad I didn't leave this and managed to purchase it, as I know I would have regretted it as soon as Sophie told me how good it was! (read her post here). 

Have you ever tried the bubble mask? What are your thoughts?

Geo x

Thursday, 12 January 2017

My Skincare Routine

One thing I definitely got better at in 2016 was skincare, as it was something I never really saw to be important in my regime. Yeah, I love a good face mask, but I would often go to bed with my full makeup still on (yes I know, gross, but I do still do it sometimes). After seeing my skin looking rather dull, especially in the winter time, I realised I had to take some form of action. Looking into my skincare draw I pulled out a few products and just started using them. I'm no skincare expert, but the last thing I want to do is use harsh chemicals as my face usually gets quite red. So here are my favourite skincare products I use pretty much every night to help me feel fresh (I always wake up in a better mood with a fresh face, rather than having foundation all over my pillows) 

Firstly, I use just a facial wipe to take off most of my makeup. I find that just using micellar water doesn't take it all off and to be honest, it still feels grubby. I just use fragrance free wipes whichever I pick up, I don't usually tend to go for anything too expensive as I go through them so quickly. I then take a cotton wool pad and apply the Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Water and rub my face gently to remove any makeup that wasn't removed from the wipe. This will usually remove the last bits of makeup and help my skin to start feeling fresh. Adding on to this I put the Simple Kind to Skin Facial Toner on a cotton wool pad and repeat as I did with the micellar water. I still find bits of makeup coming off, even when I think my face is clean, so it's always good to add a toner to the mix. I also love the simple range because its for sensitive skin and I've never had any problems with it. They are so cheap too (around £3.99 I think) and are available mostly in the supermarket so you can just pick one up when you're shopping. They last ages too so that's always a bonus. 

Swiftly moving on to moisturiser which is my favourite bit. Putting it on when you have a fresh clean face and feeling the hydration is amazing before getting into bed. I usually do use the one from Simple but recently I've been using the one from Avene, which is specifically for redness. I can feel the soothing as soon as it goes on and I feel like it make a real difference. It is slightly pricey for around £11 on Look Fantastic, and you only get 40ml, but every penny is worth it. You literally only need the slightest bit so it will last about as long as the Simple skincare, so something you should look into if you are prone to redness like me.

I would usually just stop there, but I have recently added another two things to my routine...

These products are my life savers. I spent a lot of money of some Estee Lauder Lipsticks not so long back, and I got a free goody bag with my purchase full of skincare samples. They are definitely a good size, as you know sometimes you find you can use something once and your out of it, so you cant use it up to the full effect. With Estee Lauder skincare being SO expensive, I'm not sure how I'm going to bring myself to repurchase these. But I guess if something works, then it's worth it, right? I firstly apply the Advanced Night Repair Serum all over, which again you only need so little of. I feel so refreshed and I feel it helps so much with brightening up my complexion, I don't think I will ever stop using it. Retailing at £52 for a larger bottle at Boots (Yes I know it KILLS me) its the perfect way to help bring everything together and wake up feeling fresh. Lastly, I add the Estee Lauder Nightwear Plus Cream to help soothe everything and finish off the routine. Its green in colour so perfect for redness again, so a perfect end. It keeps my skin feeling smooth and hydrated and perfect to wear at night. Again, I don't think I can bear to repurchase this! (See it here) as it's £46, and to be honest I don't really have to think about aging as I'm only 19, but we'll just have to see when the time comes. Until then I will keep enjoying and loving it!

What are your skincare faves? What works well for you? I'd love to know!

See you soon,

Georgia x

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

ColourPop Cosmetics: New Products

When Christmas was fast approaching, I was really undecided on what to ask for. My parents and boyfriend always ask me to give them some ideas and sometimes it's nice to know a few of your gifts. Most of the time when I'm buying gifts I like to have some idea of what they would like, as I know they will use it! Luckily everyone knows me pretty well so I love all the gifts and especially the thought of people thinking about me and what I would like. My friend Sophie, who you probably know from over at Planet Whispers messaged me and said that Colourpop were offering free shipping for literally a day. I had been looking at Colourpop for a while as I'd always seen the American Youtubers (mainly Kathleen Lights) using the shadows, so I'd always wanted to try them. After flicking through the website, I decided on a few products, which my dad kindly offered to buy me for Christmas. I actually ended up missing the free shipping offer due to being at work *sadface*, and I knew there would be customs charges (it worked out at around £13 which is less than I was expecting), but nevertheless I was so excited to place an order. Want to know what I got? Just keep on reading!

Kathleen Lights - Where The Light Is - This was the main thing I was after when placing the order online. Kathleen Lights is literally my favourite person to watch on YouTube and I've been watching her for years. She is so honest and lovely, like you can definitely tell with some YouTubers that their being paid or videos are sponsored, but she is so upfront about it, which I love. The eyeshadows come in a quad with such pretty decoration and contains 4 shadows that were created by Kathleen. These include Kathleen Lights, Blaze, Cornelious and Glow. I think out of all of them Glow is my fave, just due to it being such a subtle colour and can be worn anytime (See swatches below). I paid $18 for the 4 shadows, which works out at around £14.80, which isn't bad at all. Overall I am super impressed with the pigmentation and the pay off of the shadows, especially when applied with my finger as it just makes them so much more sparkly! 

Super Shock Shadow - Due to me wearing eyeshadow pretty much every day, I flicked through the single shadows page and found the most beautiful colours, which I have been wearing non-stop. I got the shades Seeker (A beautiful matte deep red/brown shade) and Arrow (A shimmery bronze colour), which are both so pigmented and work well together. Unfortunately, the Arrow shade came smashed, but after pressing it back together it's good as new. After emailing the company they got back to me really quickly and offered me a coupon code for the value of the shadow, which was really nice, so I will definitely be doing another order very soon! They retail at just $5 each, which is roughly £4.11, so can you really go wrong? They literally feel like little marshmellows when you touch them and there so creamy! It's really hard to explain the texture but overall its a brilliant formula. I feel they are really good value for money and they have some gorgeous shades on their website.

Lippie Stix - Again, this was another thing I got excited about. I got the shade Lumiere, which is a perfect pink with a slightly nuder undertone, which I don't really have in my collection. The formula is so creamy and lasts a long time on my lips, but I'm not 100% sure if this colour is for me, as I'm very fair. I feel like the colour just washes me out a little but I think with a bit of fake tan it will look perfect. I've definitely decided I want to be a lot bolder on my lips, so thats something I'm looking to do in 2017 and go for darker colours and go out of my comfort zone. I'm so used to nudes and same with eyeshadow, so I defintely need a pop of colour in my life. The packaging is very sleek and they have some gorgeous colours on their website, so make sure you go and check them out after reading this post. They retail again for $5 (£4.11) and this is better than half the high end lippies I own! 

Colourpop is definitely growing to be one of my favourites, even only after trying out a few products! I wish the shipping and customs charges were a lot less as then I would buy so much more! My Mum is heading to New York in April, so will definitely be giving her a long list of products to buy! I neeeeed to try out the eyeliners as they look so creamy! 

Have you tried anything from Colourpop? Do you think the shipping and customs is worth it?




Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Konjac Sponge*

To be 100% honest, I haven't started the New Year as well as I'd hoped. Waking up on January first full of cold and having sickness, really isn't what I expected, but I guess thats how the cookie crumbles. I was hoping to post my favourites on the 1st as I have always done, but I guess that just didn't happen. After spending the past few days days in bed, sleeping and watching Friday Night Dinner, I remembered I hadn't posted about my Konjac Sponge. I was sent this about a month ago and to be perfectly honest, trying to balance uni assignments, working both days at the weekend and blogging was so difficult alongside being ill for pretty much all of it, so I haven't been able to focus on my blog as much as I'd like to. I have been using the sponge for a good few weeks now and I feel ready to express my opinions on it and give it a review. I hope you enjoy my first post of 2017!

Overall, I am super impressed with the service from the brand. They were really friendly and understood my problems as to why I couldn't review straight away, so I'm glad they were so understanding. The sponge is used for cleansing, which has a unique formula using the Amorphophallus Konjac plant. It includes lots of vitamins and minerals (for example vitamin A, E, D, magnesium, iron and zinc). It's used to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, get rid of eye puffiness, good for sensitive skin as well as cell renewal. 

When I took it out the packet and it was a lot harder than I expected. I love the fact they provided a leaflet with exactly what was in it and how to use it, as personally I would have no idea and be way to scared to use it. The first time I used it, I felt a difference straight away. After running it under the shower it became just like a normal sponge, which was so soft. Using it just once was a turning point for me. After being so ill over the Christmas period, my skin just looked so dull and dry. This definitely helped to revive it and add a bit more life, and wasn't harsh on my skin. Twice a week I would add in an exfoliator just to help make me feel a bit better. I have continued to use this for a few weeks and I'm super impressed. I never expected it to be so good to be honest, as I thought what most of you are already thinking, what can a sponge actually do?! It's recommended to renew the sponge every three months which I will definitely do as I think this is one of the best finds in a while. I could honestly write so much more but I feel I don't need to as you just have to go and grab one yourself and the results will speak for themselves.

The company has a whole range of different sponges to fit any skin type or any skin problems, so there is always something for everyone. They retail for just £8.99 (The one I received) and yo can have a mooch here. I am so impressed with the product and will continue to use it! I had never heard of them before so its always interesting to find a product you love! 

I'm really sorry I haven't been posting as much as I'd like, I've had a rubbish few weeks but now focusing on getting better and getting through uni. I hope to post a lot more often showing my favourites or new beauty finds along the way. 

Thank you so much for reading, as always

Georgia Xxx

* - This was a sample sent to me, All opinions are my own and I was not paid to publish this post.