Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Contour Craziness!

Now I know that bronzer and contouring has been around for years and there are so many different products to choose from, it's hard finding something that suits everyone, and for a decent price. I'm afraid I'm one of those girls who just loves Hoola by Benefit. That's it. I'm just like everyone else. Yes I am going to rave about it like every other blogger, because I just think it's the best thing ever invented. 

During my holidays this year (I went to Turkey in July, which was incredible) I was flicking through the on-flight magazine at all the makeup goodies. Something instantly caught my eye and just SCREAMED summer at me, which was Dew the Hoola, which is also by benefit. It's still Hoola, just in a liquid format. I purchased it on the plane there and then without a doubt. I used it every single night while on holiday and it was seriously the best thing ever.   

Coming complete with cute 'bamboo' packaging, its just a dream. Place a little on your finger and swipe just under the cheek bones. Simple as that. I love using my real techniques setting brush to help blend it in and it creates the most beautiful cream contour ever. You literally only need the slightest bit and you are in contour heaven I'm telling you. I find this perfect for summer and it needs to be in every holiday makeup bag!  

Now that its coming up to Autumn and Winter, I'm tending to stick to just the normal, matte Hoola. I find it just puts the look together so much better, as I find shimmer is prettier in the summer time. It doesn't get muddy, only a little product goes onto the brush (which I like) and it just blends so easily. When applied to the cheekbones, temples and jawline it gives off subtle definition, but not so it looks like you've got tuns of makeup on.    

Buy Dew the Hoola here for £22.50
Buy Hoola here for £23.50 (they also do a cute mini version here)  

The products last absolutely ages (I have a mini one and I've literally been using it every day for a year and it hasn't hit pan yet) and for the price I think its a good investment due to how long they last. 

Have you tried any of these products? Will you be trying them?

See you in my next post!

Georgia Xxx

Saturday, 15 October 2016

New Brand Alert: Makeup Obsession

Hello beauty lovers, it feels like such a long time since I've sat down to post! For me, Autumn is now in full swing and the past few days it really has started to get cold here in the West Midlands! Time for onesies, nice hot baths and hot chocolate (with whipped cream of course!)

As soon as I was told about this new makeup brand making its way to Boots, I just couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I love building custom palettes and adding my own personal touch to my makeup, especially since spending ridiculous amounts of money on a MAC palette (which I do still love). This brand is called Makeup Obsession, which yes, if your anything like me I am completely obsessed with trying new things out, so the name captivated me straight away. They sell medium/large palettes where you can buy pans to fill up over time. I got mine from the Boots website, as I was informed that they are only available in Emporium stores (you'll have to have a peek online to see if there is one near you!). It took around 3 days to be delivered, which isn't too bad, but it still felt like the longest time.

One thing I love about this brand already is that it't not just shadows they have produced for their range, its also blushers, bronzers and highlighters! Perfect for travelling, they fit into a fair sized compact case, which also comes complete with a mirror. The palettes are also available in different colours (I spotted a rose gold one which I just drooled over, but was only available in large) and come in different sizes. I just stuck with a medium as I wanted to fill the palette (I hate having gaps!). I then chose very carefully the colours I wanted to add. I wanted to try out a bit of everything, so ended up with 3 eyeshadows (2 shimmer, 1 matte), a highlight, blush and bronzer.

Eyeshadow - E115 London - After swatching this shade it reminds me soooo much of Naked Lunch by MAC, only a lot more shimmer. Its just such a pretty champagne colour to go all over the lid for a natural look or the inner corners when doing eye makeup. This cost £2 and the pigmentation is crazy!

Eyeshadow - E142 Ibiza - Again paying just £2, this colour is the perfect gold shimmer. I love wearing gold in the autumn time with a darker lip, so this will be just right for me. Swept all over the lid with a fluffy brush will create an autumnal eye.

Eyeshadow - E124 Copper - I love darker and more orange toned shadows in the crease and I thought this would be perfect. Its a dark burnt orange colour and is a perfect autumnal colour to go into the crease. Also, I think you get the idea by now, the eyeshadows are just £2.

Blush B105 Honey - When I saw this on the web it just screamed out to me coralista by Benefit, and for £3 theres no harm in trying right!? Its a pretty orange/pink undertone glitter formula that is crazzzzy pigmented. The only thing I'll have to say is don't wear too much else you will look like a clown! 

Bronzer/Contour C104 Medium - The bronzers seemed really dark on the website, but after looking and swatching its a nice subtle colour. It looks very warm toned, which I hope doesn't turn muddy when wearing it, as that always seems to happen to me. I'm probably just applying too much. Again its so pigmented so will definitely watch how much I apply to the cheek bones etc.

Highight H104 Moon - Woah. This highlighter is super glittery and shimmery. It seems to have quite a purple/pinky undertone, and hearing the word moon just reminds me of the ABH glow kit (the shade in there is Moonstone but you know what I mean) I only have one highlight which I use on a daily basis from MUA which is quite yellow undertoned, so I'm looking forward to trying it out.

Overall, I am so pleased with the shades and case I purchased. For all this, it literally cost me £19 and delivery for a palette and for it to be filled. They clip into place easily and all the pans are a good size, whats not to like? Go and grab yourself some because I would definitely recommend them. 

Have you heard of Makeup Obsession before? Will you be trying them out?

Also, at the Emporium Boots stores they offer a £3 engraving on the palette, and currently have a Christmas offer for a free black medium palette when you spend over £12 (bargain or what!?)

Thank you so much for reading!

Georgia Xxx

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Glossy Box: October

I'm so pleased with this months Glossy Box! When I first subscribed to Glossy Box, I thought it would just be a thing where they would throw in a few samples of make up to try for £10, which is still pretty exciting anyway but no way did I ever think the products would actually be this good. I haven't been disappointed with any of the products so far, and I really do hope that continues. Again, the box was pretty and pink, sturdy and wrapped perfectly. I just really don't know how they do it! To be honest, as soon as I receive the box I just want to write a post straight away and let everyone know whats in the box, as I equally find it as exciting to know whats in other boxes (i.e. boxy charm, birch box) to do a little comparison.

Also this month, there is a special limited edition box that will be available for next month, which you have to register your interest for. To be totally honest, I most likely won't be signing up as its £35 for the box with postage. Being a university student £35 can last me a whole week. Its something I would LOVE to have but simply cannot afford at the moment. Hopefully there will be other boxes in the future that I can put my money aside for!

Again I paid around £13 for the box, which this month includes 6 products, which is so good as in some I've got like 4 (but who cares if there good products right?!)

I am honestly so pleased with the products this month, which again I thought was impossible when comparing to the two other boxes I've had. So, lets get on with it and see whats in the October Glossy Box!

Trifle Cosmetics: Buttery Lip Cream - As soon as I saw this product I fell in love with the colour, which is a pinky nude. Perfect for the Autumn and Winter months, this lippy reminds me so much of MAC's creme cup. Another thing that surprised me was instead of the packaging being sturdy metal, its sort of like cardboard. I'm not sure what would happen if you had a leak in your bag but it seems pretty sturdy and is a lovely quirky design, relating to the shade name 'Exotic Fruits'. Its available here for £12.95, which is a good price, so I hope it's worth it!

PS Pro: Longwear Lipliner - I have tried some of the Primark Makeup before including things such as concealer and liquid lipstick (you can see a post here) and I can honestly say I have been impressed so far. Its a felt tip like pen which will probably look really good all over the lip and is in a darker berry shade, which again is perfect for the upcoming seasons. Its available in most Primark stores for £3.

Universal Beauty Cosmetics: Secret Flush, Soothing Cream and Blusher & Lip Stain Duo - Such a long name to remember! This actually reminds me of the highlighting stick I got from Natural Collection, same sort of concept, only this is a blush and lip stain. Its so small and compact (even though it is a full sized product!) so will fit perfect in your handbag and seems like it will last ages. It's pretty and spotty which remind me so much of the cosmetics from Topshop. It retails at £15, which I honestly wouldn't spend on something like this because I haven't tried many, and it's available here, in the shade Nectar. 

Bee Good: Honey and Camelina Facial Exfoliator - I loved the Spa to you exfoliator brush that I received in my first ever box (August 2016) so I think these will go hand in hand. I have been using the Simple refreshing face wash with it and although it does a good job, I can't wait to give this a try. It smells just like honey and is a good sized bottle, which was full sized in the box this month. It costs £10.50, and you can buy it here. It also claims to be natural on the skin, which I cannot wait to try!

Rituals: The Ritual of Sakura Body Cream  - I'm always up for trying new moisturizers, so when I saw this I was super excited. I hate the type of moisturizers that feel greasy and take agggesssss to sink into the skin, cause to be perfectly honest, I wanna have my bath, and get into bed as soon as possible, rather than being sat waiting for 2 hours and turning into a greasy mess, so I'm really looking forward to trying this. It retails at £6, and even though the bottle in the box isn't full size, its still a decent of product. It also smells like Yankee Candles too! It can be purchased here

What did everyone else think of this months box? Did anyone else get any products they thought were better in another subscription box? Let me know in the comments! 

Thanks for reading and see you soon!

Georgia Xxx

Thursday, 6 October 2016

£20 Makeup Challenge: Colab with Planet Whispers

Hello lovelies, today I have another very exciting post for you! Another colab with Planet Whispers. Last time I discussed my high end favourites whilst Sophie wrote about her drugstore faves (you can read that post here and look at Planet Whispers post here) In this post we are going to do the under £20 makeup challenge, where we will both be put to the test to come up with full face makeup that amounts to £20 or under. I have found this quite difficult to do but I really hope I've managed it! Also, please go and have a peek at Planet Whispers blog because she works so hard and had the most amazing content! She posts all the time and won't let you down on posting each week so go and look at http://planetwhispers.blogspot.co.uk/ (You won't regret it!)

After long and hard thought, these are the products that I came up with! (RT = Running total of products)

Primer - Makeup Revolution - £2.00 - I use this foundation as a primer, as it creates a good base for my face makeup to go on smoothly. Its a lot lighter and has good coverage, although sometimes it can be rather thick, so I only tend to apply this in certain areas such as my chin, forehead and around the nose. They have loads of shades available and you can buy it from Superdrug here.

Foundation - Collection - £2.99 (RT: £4.99) - I love this foundation so much! Its so cheap, creamy and stays on all day! The only thing I would say is that its definitely a little too dark for me, so I mix it with a little but of the primer to help lighten it up. Its a matte finish so its perfect for the winter time. Its available in 6 different shades and is available to purchase here

Concealer - Collection - £3.99 (RT: £8.98) - This concealer is my holy grail. I'm sure you see every single blogger talking about this and saying how much they love it and they're honestly not bluffing. This is my favourite concealer and 1000x better than any higher end one. So chuck away your MAC pro long wear and buy this for £3.99! Such good coverage, it doesn't crease or oxidise, its just the most perfect formula. Its so cheap too! Buy it here in a range of shades.

Loose Powder - Collection - £2.99 (RT: £11.97) - This again is such a holy grail product. I usually tend to use my Rimmel Stay Matte but after buying this I haven't used it since. Its so light and unmessy, keeping your makeup in place all day. Just dust a little on the t-zone, chin and under the eyes for everything to be kept in place (you can purchase it here, I have it in transparent as I don't want any extra colour patches!)

Bronzer - Collection - £4.19 (RT: £16.16) - I am COMPLETELY obsessed with this. I went on holiday in the summer and as soon as I got there the stupid people who carelessly threw my bag on the plane caused it to shatter into a million pieces. It was fine to still use on holiday and it wouldn't shut properly so I had to throw it away before coming home. But I literally went and got a new one the day after coming home, because I couldn't live without it. I love using Benefits Hoola in the winter time, but again its what every other blogger uses and can be on the expensive side. I love this for the summer as its got a slight shimmer to it, so is perfect for the summer and even the autumn months when you're still reminiscing sitting on the beach sipping cocktails. Its available in Boots and is available here

Brows - Makeup Revolution - £1.00 (RT: £17.16) - This shadows are so pigmented for just £1. They are available in so many different shades so there is literally one for every occasion. There is so much product so it will last for ages and can be used for eye shadows and eyebrows too! There are so many different possibilities, especially with the nude shades. They are available from Superdrug and the Makeup Revolution website.

Blush - Makeup Revolution - £1.00 (RT: £18.16) - Again for just £1 you have so much opportunity. There are so many blushes to choose from, in so many lovely shades. Available from the website or Superdrug, you will never fail with these products.

Highlight - Makeup Revolution - £1.00 (RT: £19.16) - The highlights from makeup revolution are just out of this world. I really hope they don't start increasing the prices as it gives everyone such a good opportunity to try out good makeup and look flawless! These products are actually so much better than some of the high end things I own, so in my opinion you can't go wrong!

Mascara - Makeup Revolution - £3.00 (RT: £22.16 - oops!) - As you can tell my now, most of my products in this challenge are from Makeup Revolution. I seriously cannot fault this brand! The viper mascara is so amazing and thickening and just for £3, there are some mascaras out there that are so much more expensive and so much worse in formula. You can purchase the mascara here.

Lipstick - Makeup Revolution - £1.00 (RT: £23.16) - I am also in love with this lippy as much as everything else, being the perfect pinky nude. It completes any look, any season. Perfect just to throw in your bag to apply throughout the day and is so affordable! It can be purchased from Superdrug or the Makeup Revolution website.

Although I did go over budget slightly, I do agree that every single product is affordable but still used to create a flawless look. Some of these products are actually so much better than some of the higher end ones, which nobody would ever think. Make sure you head over to http://planetwhispers.blogspot.co.uk/ to check out Sophies post, you won't be disappointed.

What affordable makeup do you like to wear? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you for everyone continuing to read my posts,


Georgia Xxx