Friday, 30 September 2016

Maybelline 24 hour Colour Tattoos

Whilst mooching around in Boots, I came across the Colour Tattoos. I have seen loads of bloggers raving about them and have wanted to try them for ages. Its the first time I have properly looked at them and I'm mega impressed. They seem perfect for when your in a rush to get ready in the morning! They are creamy/gel eyeshadows and can be put onto the lid either with your fingers if you want to be super speedy or with a brush.

They come in the custest little pots which are engrossed with product and I couldn't help get more than one with them being buy one get one half price. I have seen people like Zoella and Tanya Burr using these when their waking up at 5am and still looking perfect! I can't wait to put these on and blend out using a fluffy brush. 

I got the shades 101 Breathless (left) which is the most gorgeous champagne gold colour, which is perfect for putting all over the lid without having much time in the morning. 
I also purchased the shade 35 On and On Bronze which is the perfect neurtal bronzey shimmer shade. I've swatched these on my hands and they are SO pigmented, I feel they'll look so lovely on the lid all day. They also claim to last 24 hours too (even though I'm not sure why anyone would need to wear them for 24 hours!?) They are the most perfect autumn colours and will be perfect for the upcoming months. These retail at £4.99 and can be purchased in so many different shades to choose from, with some more 'out there' shades if you wanted to step out your comfort zone. They can be purchased from Boots here

Have you tried any of the colour tattoos? What shades do you like the look of?

See you soon,

Georgia Xxx

Monday, 26 September 2016

Don't Look at Me

I think everyone nowadays owns some kind of lush product, whether it be bath bombs, bubble bars, shower gel, the craze just seems to be growing. I love popping into lush and picking up a few sweet treats (even though I cant use the bubble bars - boo!) and recently I found myself wondering around the shop, As soon as you walk in a massive mixture of so many flavours make their way up your nostrils. To be fair, the smell is something you either love or hate and I love it. I do think you'd end up with so many headaches if you worked there though due to the scent being so strong.

As soon as I walked in, the lady was showing people the masks at the front. There are so many to choose from and each of them have different functions. I have tried the lettuce one a few times now and is usually my go-to mask, but I thought I'd try something new or a little different. That's when I saw Don't look at me.

The lid was open on the ice stand and the colour just drew me in. Before I could say or do anything the lady was massaging it into my hand, and it was so cooling. The mask claims to be rejuvenating, which includes lemon juice and ground rice.  

As soon as I looked at this gorgeous colour, I picked it up. It also felt so refreshing on my hand that I just had to get it. The lush fresh face masks last around 28 days after purchasing, and are always a lot better being kept in the fridge. I have used this 2 times already and I still have so much left. Perfect for after a long and hard day, where you can have a chill out hour and sit with your feet up, or have a nice relaxing bath. Afterwards my skin feels hydrated and smooth and of course, how beautiful is the colour!? It smells very fresh and is just so refreshing for an end of day treat.

Another amazing thing about lush is if you take 5 lush pots or tubes back (which means you don't have to keep buying the same product, you can try out new things) then you get a fresh face mask for free, which is always a bonus! These retail at £6.95 and is available in your nearest lush store or at, where there are a range to choose from. Lush also do ranges for skin, hair, makeup, perfume and also do the best Christmas range and plenty of gifts for everyone!

Have you ever tried the fresh masks from Lush?

Thank you so much for reading,

Georgia Xxx

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

#BOM (Boutique of Molly)*

Just before I start this post, I would just like to thank each and every one of you for continuing to read my blog. When I first started, I was way too scared to put it on social media, as I was worried what people thought. Now over 3,000 people have read my blog in 2 months, which is incredible and something I thought would never happen. I started this blog for fun and still absolutely love it, but seriously thank you for everyone who has helped me reach over 3,000 views!

Now, on with the blog post.

I was so excited when Boutique of Molly got in touch with me on Twitter asking if I'd like to blog for them. I know my blog is mainly focused on beauty, but I love clothes too! As soon as I looked on their website, I knew I'd love to collaborate with them! They offered me 30% off on my first order, so I went ahead and purchased two things, a jacket and a top. The items came to about £42, and I'm actually really impressed with them!

I was in desperate need of some new clothes, so buying a few new things can't hurt right? I hadn't treated myself for a while. Here are the items I purchased:

Picture from:

I'm really sorry I don't have my own photography yet, as I'm currently at uni and there is honestly nowhere nice for me to hang them! So as soon as I get home I will be sorting that for you! I am in LOVE with this top, I have become slightly obsessed with these off the shoulder tops at the moment, because they can be worn day or night. I have bought one from New Look and Primark, which as like a cami style material. This one just feels completely different. Even though I did pay a little more, I can 100% see the difference in quality. It's also black which goes with everything (bonus!) and its just so lovely to wear. This top retails at £24.95 and can be purchased here.

The next item I purchased after long and hard thought was the Annka Studded jacket. This retails at £29.95 and it's just perfect. I needed a jacket that wasn't really thick and bulky as it's not too cold yet, but still need something pretty to go over the top of everything:

Picture from:

As you can see from the image above, this jacket is perfect for loose tops! It's great when you still have summer styles in your wardrobe so you can put this on when it gets cold! I've literally been wearing it all the time as it just fits so nicely. Another thing I love is that it isn't actually leather, so you don't end up getting all sweaty in it! This retails at £29.95 and you can purchase it here.

Overall, I am so happy with the items I purchased. They shipped the same day so I got my parcel the very next day! It also came in such pretty pink packaging, which I was really impressed with. I am also offering a discount code, for 20% off your items! Use the code 'GEORGIA20'. I hope you'll have a little look at and let me know if you purchase anything, you won't be disappointed!

See you all in my next post,

Georgia Xxx 

Friday, 16 September 2016

Glossy Box: September

Hey everyone, hope you've enjoyed your week and looking forward to a fun-filled weekend! Sorry I haven't posted in what seems like so long, I have recently moved back to university and getting myself sorted, so now I am home for the weekend I am looking forward to doing some blogging! Last week I received my September Glossy Box, which I have waited ALLLL week to be able to come back and use/blog about! Again I have had high expectations for this box after the first one I had last month (which you can read here) So as it arrived, I was so excited and I'm even more impressed than last month (which I didn't think was possible!) 

Again I paid around £13, which is nothing when your receiving £45-£50 worth of products! The box was exactly the same as last month, perfectly packaged and everything in amazing condition. I definitely think I've found a new obsession. I love how it's bright red (this will match my room!) and they're good sturdy boxes to hold all types of things!

As you can see above, everything is perfectly laid out and so photogenic. The list of products is so useful to say how much the product is worth and where to get it from, as well as providing a well written description.

This month I received a face mask, a smoky eye pen, a lip marker, a mascara, and a top coat nail varnish! 

Vitamasques: Hydro face mask - I recently tried a sheet mask for the first time (you can read about the experience here) and I can honestly say I love them. They are simple to use and leave your skin feeling lovely. I can't wait to try another brand to compare the difference! This retails at £7.99.

Rodial: Smokey eye pen - I am so excited about using this, I've already had people wanting it off me! It just looks like the perfect kohl pencil to be able to smudge on the waterline or even on the top lash line smudged with some natural eye shadow. This retails at £17 on Rodials website (I have already got my nan one for her birthday!)

Gosh: Long lasting lip marker - I have never tried one of these before, but I cannot wait! It looks so precise and easy to use. It also looks amazing for travelling to! It's in the most gorgeous pink colour too, which will hopefully help me out of my comfort zone a bit! This product retails at £8.50, which is a very good price. 

Too faced: Better than sex mascara - This is what I was looking forward to the most! I have heard so many people raving about this and I've just never seen the reason to go out and buy it, but at least now I have the chance to try and see what all the fuss is about! This is a mini sized product, but still very well sized to get enough use out of. I can't wait to try this! Retailing at £19, it's available from Debanhams.

Revlon: Gel envy diamond top coat - I was also SOOO happy to see this product in this months box. I have been after a top coat nail varnish for ages, but always forget to pick one up and I never know which one to use. I'm so glad to finally have one in my collection and I'm literally going to try it today! It claims to give your nails a salon like finish and keeping your nails chip proof, which is such a pet peeve of mine, I feel its such a chore having to do my nails!! This retails at £7.99.

The box this month also had another face mask, which I guess are a little extra. Its from the body shop and is a mud type mask, which again, I can't wait to try. I'm used to using my lush masks so it will be good to see the difference. 

Have you tried any of these products before? What would you like to try?
Let me know in the comments

Enjoy your well deserved weekend and I'll see you in my next post!

Georgia Xxx

Thursday, 8 September 2016

September Goals

After reading so many blogs this week (Every spare moment I get I'm either scrolling through who I follow on Blogger or looking on Twitter), I have noticed some people writing about their September goals for their blog. I think this is such a good idea as something to be able to look back on and I feel like if something is written down and set in stone then it will motivate me even more. I know we are already a week into September, which I can't actually believe. So, here are my personal goals for the month of September:

Some of you may find this boring, but this is something I've decided to do for myself, to look back on and see if I have accomplished the targets that I have set myself. If you don't want to read this post at all, then that's okay.

  • Write more posts - I know I have said before that most people have devised a blogging schedule (which is great if your organised, unlike me!) and I just couldn't deal with having pressure of producing content, I just feel like I wouldn't be writing to my best ability. I tend to write blog posts to relax and to stop stressing, which I do too much. I feel like I need to find a little more time to relax and be able to write or at least write ideas down and posting a little more often (at least 3 times a week).
  • Improve on photography - One thing that I'm not happy about at the moment is my photography skills. I literally just have to take them on my phone, but I feel like everything could be better placed with a better background, like all of those perfect Instagrams. In reality, I don't feel like this will happen, but even trying harder to sort out the background/lighting, and just make my pictures look a little more pleasing to the eye. 
  • More twitter followers/blog views - I know everything isn't about numbers and views, but I want to be able to reach more people on twitter and make my blog a little more 'out there' with the others. To start with, I was so scared to even put my first post on the internet, let alone share it on twitter to annoy everyone. But now, I just think I'd like a few more people to read. By the end of September, I'd like to reach 200 followers on Twitter (I'm on about 80) and 3,500 views on my blog, which would be insane (I'm on about 2,700 now).
  • Connect more in the blogger community - I love reading other peoples blogs as well as making new friends! I'd love to take part in more chats on twitter and help connect with some fellow bloggers, which will hopefully be the start of some new friendships.
  • Include more makeup looks/selfies - I'll admit I am a little bit anxious of putting my own makeup looks on here/twitter, as I'm no makeup artist whatsoever! I haven't had any training, but I definitely want to do some more posts including makeup looks, as well as some colabs. 
So there you have it, my goals for the month of September. I know it might not seem much, but its something personal for me to look back on. If you've read all the way through this post, then thank you, as I know its not interesting in the slightest.

Whats your September Goals?

Georgia Xxx

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

B Beauty LTD - Japanese Cotton Infused Face Masks*

Hello lovelies, I have something very exciting to share with you! I was lucky enough to be sent some face masks by B Beauty Limited to try out, which I am so impressed with I decided to review. After getting in touch on Twitter, I received my masks after just two days and I couldn't wait to try them out. 

They sent me a lovely letter, two of their masks and a little booklet containing all the information I need to know about the product which is something I love, as I love to read about new things and know exactly what I'm putting on my skin. 

After trying the face mask today, I am completely hooked. This is the first sheet mask I have tried so I was a little skeptical at first but I can honestly say I will be re-ordering. I love the fact the booklet contains every single ingredient and also what it does for my skin! I opened the mask up (it's literally just like a massive baby wipe/sheet) that you open up and is just soaked with goodness - which you then open out and put onto your face. Leave it there for 20-30 minutes, and then take it off and rub the goodness into your skin. I was going to upload a selfie but after answering the door to the postman who laughed hysterically at me for looking like I was about to undergo some kind of surgery, I think I've had enough embarrassment for one day. 

As soon as I put the mask onto my face, I could feel like it was doing something straight away, it just clasps to your skin (in a good way obviously). I felt a lot less stressed about everything, and even afterwards. After taking the mask off and rubbing it into my face while looking in the mirror I could feel my skin was very soft and hydrated. I tend to get much dryer skin in the winter, so these are a must for me! Even though I have never tried a sheet mask before, it's something that I have been very impressed with. I found it was a little hard to open the mask up as I was scared of ripping it but as soon as it was on my face it was perfect (I guess this is because it was my first time using it and had no clue what was what) but the instructions that are sent are so helpful. 

I 100% recommend trying these masks, as I will definitely be buying more due to how good they were. I love a good face mask, and this is exactly what I was looking for! Go and order one right now, you won't regret it! 

The masks currently retail at £2.49 and are available here (there are so many to choose from!)

See you in my next post,

Georgia Xxx

* - This was a sample sent to me, All opinions are my own and I was not paid to publish this post.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Everyday Makeup Costs!

Hi everyone, hope you're all looking forward to getting back into a routine soon, whether your back at school/college, had some well deserved time off work or going back to uni! I start my second year next week, which I'm very excited about! After reading some other blog posts over the course of the week, I have seen numerous people writing about the makeup they wear everyday and adding up the costs of it, which I think is such a good idea to see the value of makeup people are putting on their faces each day. Some days when I'm just at home by myself I don't really tend to wear anything (we've gotta let our faces breathe, right?) so the only time I tend to wear makeup is at uni or if I've got work or going out and about. Still, even then it takes me about 15 minutes to do my makeup (unless I'm being distracted when I'm at my boyfriends who likes to try and kick me from in bed when I'm doing my makeup in front of the mirror!) So here we are, my typical everyday makeup routine and the overall costs! (I will try and keep a running total in brackets which I may find a bit tricky as maths deffo isn't my strong point!) *I'll also be excluding brushes and tools I use*

First off, brows. I tend to always do my brows first because I find I end up with foundation everywhere on my sleeves, I end up going patchy, god the list is endless. So I use a spooley to just quickly brush through my brows and then use a small angled brush to add some of the Sleek Makeup Brow Kit powder (I have the shade medium) and this costs £8.49 from Boots (running total: £8.49). After adding a small amount I then take the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomeade in the shade dark brown to the outer edges to create an ombre effect. The pomade costs £15 from Beauty Bay (RT: £23.49) and is such a good product that everyone still continues to use and rave about. After neatly constructing my brows, its time to set with a brow gel, and I use the Maybelline Brow Drama which is a clear brow gel, from Boots. This retails at £4.99 (RT: £28.48). Instead of me now continuing to constantly bore you with what I do every single day, I'll list the rest of the products and how much they cost, including the running total (If you would like to see an everyday makeup kind of post, let me know)

MUA Hall of Fame - Eyeshadow Palette - £4.00 - Superdrug - RT: £32.48
Revlon Photoready Airbrush Effect - Foundation shade 001 Ivory - £12.99 - Boots - RT: £45.47
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Concealer shade 01 Fair - £4.19 - Boots - RT: £49.66
Rimmel Stay Matte - Powder shade 001 Transparent - £3.99 - Boots - RT: £53.65
No7 Lovely Lashes - Mascara in Brown - £12.95 - Boots - RT: £66.60
Benefit They're Real - Mascara in Black - £19.50 - Boots - RT: £86.10 (!)
Benefit Hoola - Bronzer - £23.50 - Boots - RT: £109.60
Collection Bronze Glow - Bronzer - £2.99 - Boots - RT: £112.59
Benefit Dandelion - Blusher - £23.50 - Boots - RT: £136.09
MUA Undress your Skin - Highlight shade Iridescent Gold - £3.00 - Superdrug - RT: £139.09
Sleek Matte me Lip Gloss - Liquid Lipstick in shade Birthday Suit - £4.99 - RT: £144.08

GRAND TOTAL: £144.08

Oh my god! I cannot believe that everyday I am putting nearly £145 worth of makeup on my face! I know some people have been putting more/less but I am so shocked that the makeup I keep in my makeup bag amounts to so much! I don't even want to think about what it would be like including brushes! Feel free to check out the links to see what makeup i'm using daily!

How much does your makeup mount to? Be interesting to see in the comments!
Enjoy the rest of your day/week,

Georgia Xxx