Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Airbrush vs. Colourstay

Hey beauty lovers, today I have another exciting post for you! I've been working everyday this week so have taken some time to write out some ideas rather than feeling I have to post something, so it saves me a little more time planning/drafting my ideas before taking the pictures and actually writing the post! I have been a fan of Revlon makeup for years, pretty much since my year 11 prom. I have loved their foundations and is something I will always continue to buy. I own two of their foundations, the Photo ready airbrush effect and the Colourstay 24 hour foundation, which are both available in Boots. In this post I've decided to compare them to see which I think is better and what I'm more likely to recommend to my readers. If you're interested, then just keep on reading! 

Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush Effect

This foundation right here is my life saver. After first being introduced to this when I was 16 (I actually wore it to my Prom) I couldn't get over the results. I wore it the whole night and it still stayed on, and as soon as I took it off I knew I had to buy more. I have previously bought three bottles since then and got them in the shade 001 Ivory and haven't looked back. I'm not going to shove this foundation down your throat saying 'you have to buy this right now' but I would suggest looking into it or testing it out next time your walking round boots with 10 lip swatches already on your hand (so if your like me, this will be every time you go to Boots!) It has medium/buildable coverage and is a good colour match for me in the shade I have, as I'm just so pale. It blends into the skin easily, either using a brush or a sponge (I do tend to use a sponge) and I definitely have got through more of this than the colourstay foundation. This foundation is also perfect for mixing in with other foundation, for example most days I mix this in with my Estee Lauder Double Wear (which I love but can find a little heavy day-to-day) and it just sheers it out a little so I'm not caked in full makeup. I wore this so much on holiday mixed in with moisturiser too, as well as wearing it alone on the evenings. It has simple packaging and also contains a pump which is easy to control how much product comes out, which is always useful. The bottle contains 30ml, retails at £12.99 and can be purchased here

Revlon ColourStay 24hr Foundation

 Again retailing at £12.99, this foundation has swamped the nation ever since Tanya Burr came on the scene. She uses this foundation is so many videos as well as Nars Sheer Glow and I must say that is the exact reason why I went to the shops and purchased it! It just looked so glowy on the skin and seemed to be a good coverage, I picked up shade 200 nude, which again has a medium but buildable coverage just like the photoready one. I'll be honest, I would probably use this more if  I had a better colour for me (I think I need to go one shade lighter) but it is honestly perfect with a tan! I found myself using this on holiday too, when I started to get a little bit more colour (and trust me, I don't get much) This foundation claims to last for 24 hours, but I can say now who actually wears a foundation for 24 hours, cause I know I don't. Although, when I actually do wear it, it doesn't come off! And when I say doesn't come off, I mean AT ALL. No rubbing off on clothes, no streaks, just a perfect base. It blends just as easily with a brush or sponge and is a creamy texture, but not at all cakey. It also contains 30ml and can be purchased from Boots here. The only thing I would say that I didn't like would have to be that it doesn't have a pump (I think looking at the ones on Boots they now have a pump, yay!), which means there isn't as much control of how much product you need, so I always find myself using too much! It is available in normal/dry skin and normal/oily skin, which is also a bonus as it's made to suit the selected skin type (I have normal/dry)

Now for the decision. If I absolutely had to choose one, it would be the airbrush effect (not because of the colour of the other one, as I know it wouldn't be fair then) but just the coverage works well for me, It has a pump which I also find is the most helpful thing, and even though so many people rave about colourstay, I still think I prefer the other one!

What are your thoughts on these foundations? Which are your faves or would you like to try one? Let me know in the comments!

See you all in my next post.

Georgia Xxx

Saturday, 27 August 2016

PS and Sleek liquid lipstick review

Hello everyone, hope you're all enjoying your day and looking forward to a relaxing weekend (not for me - i'm working). Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I just didn't feel as creative. I know most bloggers do have a blogging schedule but I don't, I just tend to write when I'm bursting with ideas and I don't want to feel pressure of deadlines (I have enough of those at uni)

 After payday yesterday I decided to have a little splurge and buy some new clothes (that were 100% needed) and I also had a little mooch around Boots. I came across a few little goodies and also wanted to try some of the Primark makeup as I've only heard good things (I will be reviewing those soon too!). I came across some liquid lipsticks from Sleek and me and my mom was swatching all the shades on the back of our hands. I picked up a nude with pink undertones and popped it in my basket. After purchasing the Sleek liquid lippy, I also went to Primark and found one in quite a similar shade:

I wanted to test them both out before writing a proper review. I wore the Primark one for a couple of hours and then the Sleek one when I went out last night. They are both similar shades but I'd definitely say that the PS one is more pinky toned. 

After trying this liquid lipstick, I honestly just want to go and buy more! They stay on the lips so well and the colours are gorgeous. I'll admit the colour is slightly different to what it looks like in the bottle but I'm not too fussed as it is a lovely shade. This is in 02 | Kourtney and I absolutely love it! It shows up really well on the lips and goes on smoothly, the applicator is really smooth and precise, so all around this lippy is perfect! The only thing is that the product does cling to applicator, so therefore a lot goes onto your lips, but nothing that can't be sorted with a lip brush and cotton buds! It takes a little while to dry but the end product is really good. It retails at just £2 and can be purchased from Primark in a few different shades (they all look really good)

I then tried my new Sleek one and wore it when I went out last night and as you can see, the packaging is so similar:

I wore this for the whole night. I didn't take it out with me to reapply, I ate and drank through a straw at McDonalds (expecting to end up with it all around my mouth) but no. It stayed put all night. I came home and looked in the mirror and it still looked as good as it did when it was first applied. I'm not usually one for wearing lipsticks as I always find that they come off easily, but this stuff it amazing. Its obviously quite a different formula to the Primark one, it just felt a little more creamy and not as much product went on (which is a good thing) and then it dried a lot quicker too. The Primark one is still really good, but if I was to recommend out of the two, it would be the Sleek everytime. I got this in the shade 436 | Birthday Suit, which is just a typical nude (I dont like being too adventerous with lip colour) It retails at £5 (so to be honest not much difference in price) and you can purchase it here, where it comes in 6 different shades. 

After testing and comparing, I would 100% say that both of the products are of a good quality and worth the money that I spent on them. But as I said, if I was to recommend one only, it would be the one from Sleek, although the Primark one is still a good product. 

What are your favourite liquid lippys? what shades are your fave?

Enjoy your weekend everyone,

Georgia Xxx

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Glossy Box August: My thoughts!

As you may or may not know, this month I subscribed myself to glossy box, which I am very glad I did. I wrote about what I got in the box (which you can see here) and the last couple of days I have used each of the products a few times to try and test them.

This months box included: MUA eyeshadow palette in Hall of Fame, Mudmasky facial detox purifying recovery mask, Deep pore facial cleansing brush and Wild Cow Invigorating body lotion.

Here are my thoughts:

Although this is only my first months Glossy Box, I am super impressed. It has now set such a high standard for me as the products are well worth over what I paid and all of the products are something I know I'll use. It also helps people to find new discoveries and I honestly hadn't really heard or tried any of these brands apart from MUA. As long as they keep the standard so high, I can honestly see myself being subscribed for a long time!

MUA Eyeshadow Palette:

Even after being an MUA fan for a long time, I still got a little bit excited seeing this palette in the box. They are the most perfect shimmer and matte tones, which I can find use of all of them. The shades actually remind me very much of the Naked Palette (please let me know if this is a dupe!). The colours are so pigmented and you can add as much or little product as you want, which I am so impressed with. This product retails at £4.00 and you can purchase it here from the MUA website. 

Mudmasky Facial Detox Mask:

After reading up on this product, it states to use it once a week, so I can only say I've used it once but my god I can see a difference. I used a small amount after a long day and just lay back and relaxed. I cleansed my face (using the spa to you facial cleansing brush which was also in the box!) and applied. I'll be totally honest here, it did burn a little after putting it on for about 20-30 seconds, but as they say no pain, no gain. I left this on for about 20 minutes and washed it off with a flannel. The smell reminds me of the lush mask that I usually use (love lettuce) and I can honestly say this stuff is amazing. I was left hydrated, clean and brightened. It was even one of those cases of going round to everyone and being like 'feel how smooth my face is'! You also get 20ml of product in here so I reckon I can get another good 2/3 go's out of this. Would I buy it full size? It retails at £59 (I think they have put the price up to be honest), but I can honestly say I saw amazing effects after first use, so yes, I would. You can purchase the mask here

Spa to you cleaning brush:

I've used this product every single day since receiving it in the box, as I always find my face still containing makeup even when I've cleansed. This takes all that away! I use it in the shower after using face wipes to take off most of my makeup. This honestly works wonders for me! I have been using it with my Simple kind to skin refreshing facial wash gel (let me know if you'd like a review on my simple skin care range) and it works brilliant! The only thing I'd say I wouldn't like about this product is that the bristles are a bit hard and scratchy. But at the end of the day, my skin feels so much smoother so I'm sure I can put up with a little bit of scratchiness when using it. This retails at £6.99 and can be purchased here.

Cowshed Wild Cow invigorating body lotion:

I was very excited to try this product out, as I've never tried anything from Cowshed before. It smells amazing, not too strong but enough so you end up smelling lovely! It contains 30ml of product which is a great sample size, and I will definitely be buying the full sized product. I often use moisturiser whenever I get out the bath/shower and I find that sometimes I end up feeling really greasy, but I don't get that with this at all! It will be perfect for autumn and winter when you decide to have a little pamper evening! Amazing! *daydreams about autumn/winter* This product is worth £20 for the full sized product (300ml) and can be purchased here.

What are your faves from glossy box this month? Is there anything you'd like to see in future boxes? Let me know in the comments.

Hope you all have a wonderful day,

Georgia Xxx

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

MAC Eye shadow Collection

Hello everyone, hope you're all enjoying your Tuesday whatever you're up to! In this post I will be reviewing some MAC eye shadows I added to my collection a few months back. During my first year at university, a MAC store opened in my local shopping centre, so as soon as it opened I was scanning round and taking a peek at all the goodies! I'd had my eye on the shadows for some time after watching the likes of Tanya Burr and Zoella who were always using them or doing hauls/tutorials. One day I just decided to treat myself and I bought myself the palette and a few shadows. 

I paid £15 for the palette (to fit £15 pan shadows in) and £2.50 for the holder to help keep the eye shadows in place. The pans then retail at £10 each, which you can browse all the different shades (trust me there's a lot!) here, on the MAC cosmetics website. 

I then continued to build up my palette throughout the year and I had a few bought for me by family for christmas, which I was really excited about. Some people may look and think WOW how can people spend £10 on each eye shadow, but I can honestly say right now that they are worth every penny to me. The packaging is just so simple and sleek, and it's perfect how you can see inside now they have changed the packaging (it used to be a black cover so you couldn't see inside). I haven't bought any shadows recently as I still need to find the time to look carefully at which pans I want to add and what I think I would wear, as when you're spending a little more then you want to make sure you made the right choice. 

I find myself reaching for this palette everyday, as I have a mixture of matte and shimmer shades. Even though it's nowhere near full, I am so pleased with the colours I have so far in my collection. The colours are so pigmented and go on beautifully as well as blending together nicely. There is also barely any fall down when applying which is always a bonus! With the colours I have purchased I am able to create just a natural day look or more intense night looks. I would recommend these to anyone as there are so many colours to choose from so theres enough shades for everyone to build up a lovely custom palette! 

The shades I have collected so far are: Gesso, Naked Lunch, Amber Lights, Woodwinked, Satin Taupe, Charcoal Brown and Sumptuous Olive.

Gesso - This shade is just the perfect white. A matte shade, so is perfect for the inner corners and highlighting the brow bone. I use this everyday to finish off my makeup look.

Naked Lunch - This is a shade I've seen Tanya Burr use in SO many tutorials and this is the one I use the most. Before I use any shadows on my eyes, I will always use this one as a base after applying primer. It's just the most perfect champagne colour which is subtle for any look or as a base.

Amber Lights - I'll admit this is my least most eye shadow from the palette, as it's out of my comfort zone a little! It's actually still quite nude, but I think I need to practice a little more to be able to pull it off. Still, a gorgeous colour though. 

Woodwinked - Again the likes of Tanya Burr use this pan ALL the time in their videos, and as soon as I saw it I knew it was the perfect colour for me. What's so amazing about it is that in the crease it looks like a different shade to on the lid, so it actually looks like you've applied two separate shades (bonus when you dont have much time to be faffing in the morning!) It's such a pretty shimmer colour and is one of my faves. 

Satin Taupe - I have seen so many people hyping about this shade and it took me a while to get it as it was out of stock for so long but it's definitely worth the wait. It's the most perfect grey with a slight purple undertone and blends perfectly with colours such as naked lunch and woodwinked. It's also perfect for the lower lash line to add a bit of definition to the overall look.

Charcoal Brown - I'll be totally honest, I bought this shade so that I could also use it for my brows. I now use the ABH pomade but this works wonders. I love tinting my brows so when there a little darker I love to use this to make them look a little bit more natural. I'm always reaching for this colour in my palette as I'm always using it for my crease, the lasting power is amazing. 

Sumptuous Olive - This is another one of my faves. I absolutely love wearing khaki coloured clothing so this is a perfect match. I tend to either use it all over the lid or just under the bottom lash line and blend it to add a little bit more colour and step a little out my comfort zone. It's such a pretty colour!

What are your favourite shadows from MAC? Have you ever tried them? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading and see you in my next post!

Georgia Xxx

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Glossy Box: August

Hello lovelies, hope you're all having a lovely weekend. Today I have a very exciting post for you! After watching an unboxing by Hannah (which you can watch here and also check out her amazing blog here, she has honestly taught me so much!) relating to Glossy Box (I had already heard of Glossy Box and people raving about it, I always watched Kathleen Lights boxy charm but always thought the boxes were like £50 a month) I just honestly couldn't believe my eyes! Hannah explained it all so well in the video and showing how it wasn't actually as expensive as I thought. As soon as I finished the video, I went straight to their website and ordered my first box (eeek!). I paid a total of £13.25 including postage. 

Not heard of Glossy Box before? In a nutshell, it's a box that gets sent to you each month containing a number of beauty products that have been picked out and placed in the box for a monthly fee. I always expected it to be an expensive thing, but after looking at the website I was quite suprised! You can pay the fee each month or you can pay for 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions all at once (saving you money per box!)

I ordered the box on Wednesday and it's came today, so I couldn't wait to open it. It came in a black box with pretty logo's all over it. As soon as I opened the box, it was honesty just magic. The box is beautifully put together and everything is wrapped and placed to perfection. What is also amazing is there is a card with the products on and how much they are worth and also where they can be purchased.

The box is actually very sturdy, so would be perfect for keeping things in, and everything is presented so nicely even though it's been knocked around like hell in the post. Here is what I got in this months box:

Spa to you: Deep pore cleansing facial brush and massager - This honestly could be the answer to my skincare routine. After cleaning my face every night (apart from the nights i'm naughty and don't take makeup off before bed) I still feel that my face is still dirty and has makeup on it, no matter how much I cleanse. So this claims to have silky soft bristles and silicone cushions to deeply cleanse and massage the skin to improve micro circulation. I can't wait to try this out! This retails at £6.99

Cowshed: Wild cow invigorating body lotion - I've heard the likes of Zoella rave about this brand so much on YouTube, so I'm rather excited to see this appear in the box. I love having a nice hot shower and applying moisturiser, but I hate it when it's really greasy and my PJ's stick to me constantly, even when I feel like its soaked in, so it will be interesting to give this a try. This retails at £20 for a full size product I imagine.

Mudmasky: Facial detox purifying recovery mask - I'm also a big fan of facemasks, so Glossy box definitely gets a thumbs up from me! There's nothing I love more than having a soak in the bath with a face mask after a hard day. I'm usually a big fan of lush, but I have a feeling i'm going to like this! It claims to have all natural ingredients and to detoxify the skin and all that jazz. Its only a small sized bottle but considering the larger tube retails at £53 i'm honestly not surprised! I think this is going to be an amazing product.

MUA eye shadow Palette - I have been a fan of MUA for a while now and I have a few of their products in my collection already. This month from what I can gather people have chosen the eye shadows that are in the palette. They are pretty nude colours, but thats what I'm into and will sit nicely in my makeup collection. It retails for £4.

I'm so chuffed I got the subscription to glossy box, as it will give me something to look forward to each month. I am also aware that there is a little sneak peak on the card for next month, which is the two faced better than sex mascara (crazy name i know!) that everyone has been raving about and i've been DYING to try!

Be sure to check out https://www.glossybox.co.uk/ and see what they have to offer, as I definitely don't regret this and I would recommend it to anyone.

See you in the next post,

Georgia Xxx  

Thursday, 18 August 2016

My All Time Fave Brushes

Hello beauty lovers, in this post I will be reviewing my all time favourite brushes that I have collected over the past few years. Brushes tend to last a long time regarding they are kept in tip top condition and are cleaned regularly. They are one of my favourite things to collect and now there are SO many on the market. 

My favourite brushes include:
• Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection - number 200 (which you can purchase HERE): This brush is perfect for blending, as the brush is not too big for the crease and blends amazingly, and whats not to like with how its presented? A perfect silver which is sturdy and won't look out of place on a dresser.

Makeup Revolution Metals Collection - contour brush (which you can purchase HERE): When I got this collection I was over the moon! I have found this brush is the best for cream contouring, which adds a lot more precision and doesn't add to much product. Again how it's presented is lovely, my all time favourite rose gold! This sits prettily along with my other brushes on top of my makeup collection.

Real Techniques - Setting brush (which you can purchase HERE): I received this brush in a set, which I am in love with. Its fab for blending concealer and adding light powder for setting. Although the brush is made for setting, its perfect for other things too! Its a pretty and shiny pink with a rubber end so they won't be falling off anywhere when you put them down. Amazing! (As you can see it is a little dirty which shows how much I use it!)

MAC - 217 brush (which you can purchase HERE): As soon as I got this brush I literally fell in love. Its perfect for adding cream and powder eye shadow and is so easy to clean! It is a very simple design but again doesn't ever look out of place. I find myself reaching for it on a daily basis! The only slight problem I have during cleaning is the fibers to tend to go a bit all over the place while its drying, but as soon as it's dry it's as good as new!

Real techniques - base shadow brush (which you can purchase HERE as part of a set):
As you have probably guessed by now I'm completely obsessed with the real techniques brushes! I have been watching Sam and Nic Chapman for years on Youtube as pixiwoo and as soon as they came out with these brushes I had to have them! They are honestly the best brushes I have ever used! There is so much variety and the quality is always amazing! If I could recommend any brushes for makeup beginners (like me!) then it would definitely be these ones! Again this brush is perfect for blending and is just the most perfect size. 

Real techniques - fan brush (which you can purchase HERE as part of a set): Again, you must of realised that real techniques is my all time fave brand. The fan brush definitely doesn't disappoint. Its perfect for highlighting the cheek bones, nose and cupids bow. Its just so efficient and does the job for you. I'm not one for loads of highlight, although I do wear it for a little bit of shimmer. Its just perfect.

What are your favourite brushes to apply makeup with? Have you ever tried any of the Real Techniques brushes? Let me know in the comments.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to have a read, 

Georgia Xxx

High End Favourites - Colab with Planet Whispers

Hello everyone, today I have something very exciting for you! My first colab, explaining my high end favourites. The colab is with Planet Whispers (you can check out her amazing blog here) who I've known for a long time and is a good friend of mine. She will be explaining her favourite items from the high street (drugstore) and I will be doing the same but with higher end products. I don't actually own a high end powder or highlighter, so I'll have to miss those out sorry guys!

My favourite high end primer of all time has to be Mac prep and prime brightening primer. Its just so soft on the skin ad not a silicone type texture, which most primers are these days, so I would say that it is definitely water based. I think primer is very important to help moisturize the skin before applying makeup, as well as doing the job of keeping it on. Even though this is a little more on the expensive side, it does work a whole lot better than drugstore primers (even though there are some really good ones!) The packaging is simple and stylish and lasts such a long time. I would definitely recommend adding this to your collection and especially if you're looking for a good high end primer that actually works (you can purchase the primer here even though they've changed the packaging)

As you can probably guess which is my all time fave high end foundation, I have to choose the Estee Lauder double wear of course (every time!) This foundation is just my go-to constantly. It feels lovely on the skin, doesn't come off and is soooo good for coverage. Even though again, it is more on the expensive side, its 100% worth every single penny. People may be put off by the thick consistency, but you can add as much or as little as you want for something that's right or you. Its also really helpful that there is a colour match service because I'm always so rubbish at picking up the right shade! I'm in the shade 1c1 cool bone and it's the perfect shade whether I have a tan or am the usual casper the ghost I am, as you can add bronzer for a warm glow or a subtle blush. It's honestly the best foundation I've ever had and will continue to use this every day, even mixed in with other foundations and BB creams/moisturisers and you can purchase it here from the Estee Lauder website. 

I think that my most used high end concealer has to also be Estee Lauder. Even though I only purchased this recently, I still find myself reaching for it all the time. The consistency isn't too thick but I can always count on it for good coverage and not to be too drying on my skin. It also comes with a brightening serum which is great for highlighting under the eyes! It's amazing that it's a 2 in 1 as it's perfect for travel, so you get the best of both worlds for just one price! Both products are incredible and I will pick this over any concealer (apart from my Collections lasting perfection of course!) You can have a peek and purchase the concealer here.

There is no contest when it comes to brows. Every single time it has to be ABH dipbrow pomade, paired with Gimme Brow by Benefit Cosmetics. Oh my god, this combo is amazing! I will admit my brows can look a little less natural using the pomade, because my hairs are so light! I have recently started tinting them and it really helps to make them look more natural due to me actually having hairs in the first place! I use a small angled brush to apply the pomade, and setting with Gimme Brow. I know most people tend to use the brow pomade now, and I can honestly say it is the best brow product in my collection, which Gimme Brow adding a little bit of colour for that perfect finishing touch. You can purchase the ABH pomade here with the option of 11 shades (I'm in dark brown). You can also have a peek at the Benefit Gimme Brow here, where I'm in the lighter shade.

My all time favourite higher end blusher has to be Benefits Dandelion. I have loved this blusher for a long time and think its the most perfect subtle colour for an every day look. It's honestly just the most perfect light pink colour. There is so much product in the box too so it will literally last forever. A little goes a long way and brings back the colour in your cheeks once applied. It also comes with a brush thats perfect size which fits compactly in the box, so again great for travel. You can purchase the blush here, and I have to say Benefit has to be one of my fave brands due to the little sets that they do. There are so many different opportunities to try out little samples before buying the bigger products!

I also love the Hoola Bronzer by Benefit, which is a staple in most peoples collections. It creates the most perfect contour and helps brighten up the face. The small brush is great for precision but I tend to use a bigger brush. It lasts ages just like the blusher, and comes with a cute little brush and I was lucky enough to get the one with my name on! It's such a good little way to personalise it, so when you next see this, it's such a cute little addition. You can purchase it here, and again they are available in fab little sets! Another thing that is SO cute is that in Boots you can get a Hoola mini for £10 if you don't want to pay the full price and want to try it before buying! Check that out here.

There are so many high end shadow sets out there, but to be perfectly honest I do prefer drugstore. There are so many colours to choose from and finding things like dupes for the naked palettes are exactly what I need rather than spending over £100 on them! I don't really tend to use a lot of the shadows anyway. This palette definitely has to be my favourite though (Naked Basics by Urban Decay) I received this as a Christmas present ages ago, hense why it's well loved and I can honestly say its so good! The colours blend and smdge together really nicely there are 6 to choose from so plenty of variety. Again the palette is only small so perfect to fit in your handbag with a brush! You can buy the palette here from Urban Decay (there is also a naked basics 2 palette which is cute aswell). I don't really own much from Urban Decay, but what I do own I love!

Again, another benefit fave! (you can tell this is my fave high end brand) and this is the they're real push up liner. I have always been fussy when it comes to liner as I'm so bad at it! I just always end up looking like a panda, but this liner is amazing. It creates the most gorgeous colour and doesn't fade all day. I do usually tend to stick to liquid liner, but as soon as I saw this I couldn't stop using it. I think its the perfect product for those who struggle with liner to create thin or thick looks, cat eye flicks or just a subtle line that smudges beautifully as it's a gel liner. It's also available in different colours, which you can purchase here

There has been one mascara that has always stood out to me (shock - it's not benefit this time) which is so good for volume and curling my straight as a pencil lashes - which is the Lancome hypnose mascara. After receiving this as a set last Christmas I fell in love instantly. It's not too thick but makes the lashes look fuller and darker, which I loved. After I ran out I knew I had to get more and they were on offer at the time, 2 for £33 (they are usually around £23 each) I have already used up one and now onto my second, which I'm still loving. I do also love the they're real by benefit, but don't think it does amazing things to my lashes like this one does. If your looking for non clumpy lashes with a lot of volume, curl and length then this is deffo for you, and you can buy it here.

Last, but definitely not least, is lipstick. My all time faves have to be from MAC, although it was pretty hard to choose a colour! I went with creme cup in the end. This lippy is well loved, as it was the first MAC lipstick I ever bought! The formula is just beautiful something that I can always count on, and the pigmentation is also amazing. I feel it's very moisturising on my lips, which is something I always look for. No matter what lipstick I buy, I always find myself reaching to MAC (which is always an excuse to buy more!) You will never get bored as there are so many different shades to choose from. They have different finishes (i.e. some are frost, some are matte etc) and they are all lovely colours. Check them out here and explore the shades.

So there you have it, my high end faves! I really hope you've enjoyed reading, and make sure you check out Planet Whispers post here, which is amazing, and leave her a comment because she puts so much time and effort into blogging so she deserves it!

Thankyou for reading and I hope you enjoyed my first ever collab (hopefully one of many!)

Georgia Xxx